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Inheritance and Will
When a person dies, his estate devolves on the heirs.
The estate of a deceased includes his properties of every kind, as well as his rights, duties and liabilities, except those which by law or by their nature are purely personal to him however an heir shall not be liable in excess of the property devolving on him.
An estate devolves on the heirs by statutory right or by will. If there is no his effective will, the whole of his estate shall be distributed among his statutory heirs according to law.
Statutory heir
There are only six classes of statutory heir. Each class is entitled to inherit in the following order:
brothers and sisters of full blood
brothers and sisters of half blood
grandfathers and grandmothers
uncles and aunts
The surviving spouse is also a statutory heir. The surviving spouse is entitled to the inheritance of the deceased in the class and according to the division as hereunder provided:
If there is a descendants surviving or having representatives as the case may      be, such surviving spouse is entitled to the
   same share as an heir in the      degree of children ;
If there is brother or sister of full blood and such heir is surviving or having      representatives, or if in default of descendants,
   there is a parent as the case      may be, such surviving spouse is entitled to one half of the inheritance;
If there is brother or sister of half blood or uncle or aunt and such heir is      surviving or having representatives, or if there is
   grandfather or grandmother      as the case may be , such surviving spouse is entitled to two-thirds of the      inheritance;
If there is no heir, such surviving spouse is entitled to the whole inheritance.
Heirs who are entitled by will are called “legatees”.

A will may be made only in any one of the forms prescribed in the law of Thailand.

Normally, a will may be made in writing, dated at the time of the making of the will and signed by the testator before at least two witnesses present at the same time who shall then and there sign their names certifying the signature of the testator. No erasure, addition or other alteration in such will is valid unless made in the same form as prescribed thereby. However there are the other forms of will.