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Thai Marriage
  1. A couple must have completed their seventeenth year of age when filing for marriage registration, otherwise permission must be granted by a court.
  2. Permission from the parents is required for minors who want to get married (under 20 years old).
  3. Both parties must not be registered or have not been married to anyone else because multiple marriage registration is prohibited in Thailand.
  4. Either of the parties is not an insane person or adjudged incompetent.
  5. The parties are neither direct blood relatives nor sister nor brother through either parent.
  6. Adopting parents shall not be permitted to marry their own adopted child.
  7. A widow or divorcee will be permitted to remarry not less than 310 days after the previous marriage has expired, unless she
  • Has given birth to a child. .......or is
  • Remarrying the same person........or is
  • Not pregnant, as certified by doctor. (in case of early remarriage).......or an
  • Approval to remarry from a court is obtained.
Required Documents
Thai Nationals
  1. Identification Cards of both parties.
  2. The House registration Certificates of both parties.
If an alien is registering to be married to a Thai citizen or another alien, he or she is required to submit following documents.
  1. A copy of their passport.
  2. A Letter of Certification, issued by an Embassy or Consulate or a Government Organization from their country, regarding the marital status of the person. The Letter must be translated, and then certified by the relevant Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (Most consulates require original proof of divorce (not a copy) if you where previously married.)
Marriage registration can be filed at any District Office or Minor District Office nationwide regardless of the birthplace of the couple.

Once the marriage registration is completed, each party will be given a copy of the Marriage Registration Certificate as evidence.

If the marriage registration is filed at the District Office located in female's birthplace (where the name is registered on the House Registration Certificate), the title used with the forename and the last name of the female will be changed by the District Officer. The female is required to file for a new Identification Card within 60 days. A service fee of 10 Baht is required. If the marriage is registered elsewhere, the female is required to contact the local District Office to change her name and last name, as well as filing for a new Identification Card.

If both parties are unable to file for marriage at any District Office of Minor District Office, the couple can submit a request to the Registrar to register their marriage at any location under the supervision of that District Office. The parties filing for marriage are required to provide transportation for the Registrar. A service fee of 400 Baht is required by the ministry.
Advantages of Thai Marriage registration
  1. You can be sure that your couple isnít allowed to get another legally married.
  2. Tax deduction
  3. Raise an excuse in some cases.
  4. Carry out criminal case instead of his or her spouse.
  5. If either of the parties is a minor and legally married. They become sui juris
  6. You and your spouse may be able to conclude prenuptial contract or postnuptial contract so the relations between you and your spouse shall be as in the contract.

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