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Australia Visa
Applying a visitor visa to Australia
People intending to visit Australia for tourism or other recreational activities, including holidaying, sightseeing, social or recreational reasons, to visit relatives or friends, or other short term, non-work purposes. The visitor visa provides for a period of stay up to 12 months.
A complete application would include
1. Form 48R for a Tourist visa – completed in English and signed by the applicant
A non-refundable Visa Application Charge (VAC) payable either by Cashier’s Cheque (if purchased in Bangkok or Nonthaburi, Samutprakarn provinces) or ‘Bank Draft’ (only if purchased in Thailand) payable to ‘Australian Embassy Bangkok’ in Thai Baht
3. A passport that is valid for the total period of your stay in Australia, or for a minimum of 6 months
4. One passport photo of each applicant
5. Thai National Identification card
6. Evidence of family, employment and other ties to your country of usual residence
If visiting or travelling with a relative - evidence of your relationship with the person you are visiting, for example, marriage certificate(s), birth certificate(s), house registration certificate, statement detailing the relationship, or a combination of these documents.
Where someone is supporting your application you should provide evidence of your relationship, for example, evidence of contact / relationship with the person supporting the application, for example, letters with original envelopes, emails, telephone bills, photographs and money transfers.
Evidence that you have adequate personal funds, or access to adequate funds to support yourself (and any family members traveling with you) during the period of intended stay, for example, a current bankbook or bank statement with at least 6 months history of transactions. Cash or credit cards are not sufficient evidence of funds. If you are providing a bankbook, you are required to provide the original bankbook which will be returned to you with your passport.
If you are employed you should present evidence of current employment in the form of an original letter from your employer outlining your present position, length of service, salary and period of approved leave. If you are self-employed, you need to provide evidence of business ownership such as business registration or shareholder's certificate.
11. Students should present evidence of enrolment in a school or educational institution.
All applicants are required to meet health requirements. Generally, applicants for a visitor visa are not required to undertake a medical examination. A medical examination may be requested if you:
- are likely to enter a hospital or health care area, including nursing homes, for any purpose
likely to be enrolled in or engaged in an Australian preschool-aged child care centre, including preschools and creches, as wither and employee or trainee
- will enter a classroom environment for than 4 weeks
- are over the age of 70
- present any indications you may not meet the health requirement
If this is the case you will be advised by staff at the Visa and Immigration Office, Australian Embassy Bangkok of the type of medical examination required and you will be provided with the necessary forms (26 and/or 160). Medical examinations must be undertaken by a doctor from a list of approved doctors provided by the Visa and Immigration Office, Australian Embassy Bangkok.
Applicants over 70 years of age
Evidence from your doctor stating that you are fit to travel to Australia without assistance and that you are likely to be fit enough to be able to return home without assistance.
Medical insurance to cover your full stay in Australia.
Applicants under 18 years of age
An original statement from an Amphur office (Thai Government District Office) giving permission from the non-traveling parent/s or legal guardian/s for the child to travel to Australia; OR Form 1229 signed by the non-traveling parent/s or legal guardian/s and witnessed at the Australian Visa Application Centre or by appointment at the Australian Embassy in Bangkok. This consent should confirm the permission of the non-traveling parent(s) or guardian for the child to travel to Australia and the period of time the child is permitted to stay in Australia. Consent Forms are available from the Australian Visa Application Centre.
australia visa
You can expect a decision on your application within 3-5 days from the day you lodge your application.
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