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Focusing in Accounts Receivables and Debt Collection more effectively to improve productivity, accelerate payments and reduce collections costs.

If your organization extends credit to its customers—whether they are consumers or businesses—you know that dealing with past due accounts is a necessity. The more efficient and accurate your accounts receivable process is, the more efficient and successful your organization will be.

Many organizations realize significant process improvements and cost savings using Premiere Global's Accounts Receivable Management Services. Accounts Receivable Management is an automated, interactive notifications system that helps you reach customers more efficiently at each stage of the accounts receivable process—including billing and invoicing, payment processing, dunning and debt collections.
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MVP Accounts Receivable Management can help you:
Improve debt collection rates
Decrease DSOs
Increase cash flow
Enhance employee productivity
Reduce communications-related operational expenses
With Accounts Receivable Management, your team can contact more debtors in less time using voice, email, fax and SMS text messaging options—customized to your organization's policies and procedures—while making it easier for customers to pay you.

The more efficient your accounts receivable operation, the more likely you are to collect payments on your past due accounts. Accounts Receivable Management can help you make your process more efficient, increase your rate of payment, reduce collections related operational expenses, shorten Days Sales Outstanding (DSOs) and improve customer satisfaction.

Learn more about how Accounts Receivable Management can help your organization streamline its accounts receivable communications.

Learn how customers are using Accounts Receivable Management to save time and money.

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