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How Could Attorney become administrators of an estate of Foreigners in Thailand?

Inheritance is any property of the deceased that existed before the death, including rights, duties, and liabilities such as ownership of land, cars, apartments, lease rights (But the inheritance reward Cremation and life insurance money of the deceased Not a legacy because it was the property that was later acquired from the deceased's deceased) As for debt, it is a legacy to the heir. But the heir does not have to be liable for more than the inherited property, ie 1. People with inheritance rights 1.1 statutory heir 1.2 the will of the will The is the person who has the court order to be . By legal rights as a heir or by will As a will To perform the duty of collecting, accounting and dividing the inheritance for the heir who has the right to inherit the dead 2. The person who has the right to request to set up the administrators of an estate 2.1 The heirs of the civilization or the wills who have the right to inherit the heritage 2.2 Stakeholders in inheritance 2.3 Prosecutor In the event that foreigners die in Thailand With inherited property left in Thailand but the estate or estate manager is abroad Not easy to come to manage property in Thailand. A lawyer can act on his behalf if authorized. The documents used to request to manage the inheritance are 1. House registration of the deceased 2. House registration of the applicant is the estate manager 3. Death certificate of the deceased

Certificate of death of parents In the case of the deceased parent (deceased) before death Marriage certificate / divorce registration of the deceased's wife Marriage certificate of the deceased's husband or wife The name change certificate, the surname of the heir and the interested person in the estate of the deceased Birth certificate of the deceased child In the case that the child is not underage or cannot give consent Civil servant identification card Identity card of the requestor The will of the deceased (if any) Letter of consent for inheritance management requests Relative account Documents about the estate of the deceased, such as land title deeds and mortgage contracts, motorcycle registration Car registration, firearms, bank deposit books, share certificates, etc.

Note: Prepare 3 copies of all documents together with certified true copies.

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