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Establishing a company limited in Thailand requires registration with the Department of Business Development

Offshore Banking Unit Account

Offshore Banking Unit Account

Focusing in Accounts Receivables and Debt Collection more effectively to improve productivity, accelerate payments and reduce collections costs.

If your organization extends credit to its customers—whether they are consumers or businesses—you know that dealing with past due accounts is a necessity. The more efficient and accurate your accounts receivable process is, the more efficient and successful your organization will be.

Many organizations realize significant process improvements and cost savings using Premiere Global's Accounts Receivable Management Services. Accounts Receivable Management is an automated, interactive notifications system that helps you reach customers more efficiently at each stage of the accounts receivable process—including billing and invoicing, payment processing, dunning and debt collections.

MVP Accounts Receivable Management can help you:

  • Improve debt collection rates
  • Decrease DSOs
  • Increase cash flow
  • Enhance employee productivity
  • Reduce communications-related operational expenses

With Accounts Receivable Management, your team can contact more debtors in less time using voice, email, fax and SMS text messaging options—customized to your organization's policies and procedures—while making it easier for customers to pay you.

The more efficient your accounts receivable operation, the more likely you are to collect payments on your past due accounts. Accounts Receivable Management can help you make your process more efficient, increase your rate of payment, reduce collections related operational expenses, shorten Days Sales Outstanding (DSOs) and improve customer satisfaction.

Learn more about how Accounts Receivable Management can help your organization streamline its accounts receivable communications.

Learn how customers are using Accounts Receivable Management to save time and money.

Offshore Banking Account

MVP is proudly to present Offshore Banking and Offshore Banking Accounts which are a key factor in asset protection and asset protection strategies. Using Offshore Bank Accounts in conjunction with an offshore company and setting up offshore internet banking at the time of offshore company incorporation allows you to achieve some of the following goals if not more:

Offshore Assets Protection

  • Diversify your personal or corporate banking.
  • Increase banking possibilities by increasing services you can take advantage of.
  • Protect funds which would otherwise be “open game” in your home jurisdiction.
  • Provide a truly international presence for your business.
  • Reduce communications-related operational expenses.

Open new doors to financial products and services which are currently unavailable to you or your company in your present jurisdiction.

We define offshore banking accounts as tools in which one maximizes his or her possibilities after having undertaken the offshore company incorporation process. Many people are unaware of the true benefits that offshore banking accounts provide.

At MVP we have undertaken the painstaking job of evaluating a number of offshore banks offering online offshore banking and offshore banking accounts. Over the years we have hand picked a select few from all the rest. This I turn allows us to provide you with offshore banking introductory services which allows you the client to benefit from our knowledge. We only deal with offshore banking institutions with a proven track record in customer service and who are well known for providing the best offshore banking accounts services.

Offshore Merchant Account

It is the fact that to achieve the full financial and marketing potential of operating on the Net, Internet Traders need a reliable Offshore Merchant Account. Due to the tightening of their onshore merchant accounts imposed by the major banks following the events in the WORLDWIDE on the 1st September 2006, such Accounts have become increasingly more and more difficult to secure.

The current situation has become even more difficult since May 2002 due to the fact that two of the major credit card companies have imposed conditions (particularly in relation to Master Accounts) which very few of the smaller Processors can meet.

However, there are still Processors that offer Offshore Merchant Accounts with only a minimum of due diligence but these are usually based in Countries that do not have strict banking laws or are subject to a Governing Body. It is not unusual for some of these Processors to "disappear" from the Net resulting in financial losses for the Merchant.

With the object of being able to offer Merchants the best and most reliable processing service available, we have conducted an extensive survey and we feel that the Processors, in which we have made arrangements with, can be safely recommended.

There are a lot of people asking for offshore merchant accounts due to the strict onshore regulations and high rejection rate. We can provide the perfect offshore merchant account relationship based on your needs. We offer two types of introductory services – our Basic Offshore Merchant Account package which is excellent for new online businesses and low monthly charges (US$5000 or less) and our Advanced Offshore Merchant Account for higher monthly turnover.

Why do we offer many of these services for free? Often times many offshore providers charge up to US$1000 for merchant account introductory services – this is not the case with MVP. Many of these services are free online and it would be an injustice to charge our clients then the client would have to pay additional fees to the merchant provider in order to establish the account. We just ask that you click on the link or contact us in order to assist you with your account opening.