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Guidebook Doing Business and Investment in Thailand 2019

Corporate and Commercial

Establishing a company limited in Thailand requires registration with the Department of Business Development

International Trading Center (ITC)

International Trading Center (ITC)

Thailand defines an International Trading Center (ITC) as accompany incorporated under Thai laws.

That purchases and sells goods, raw materials and parts or that provides international trading related services to juristic persons incorporated under foreign laws.

International trading related services include:

  1. Procurement of goods
  2. Warehousing and inventory services prior to delivery
  3. Packaging services
  4. Transportation of goods
  5. Insurance on goods
  6. Advisory, technical and training services on goods
  7. Any other services stipulated by the Director General of the Revenue Department.


  1. A minimum registered capital of 10 million baht
  2. A minimum capital investment (excluding cost of land and working capital) of one million baht


  1. Exemption of import duty on machinery used for the project
  2. Permission granted to a foreigner to hold the majority or all of shares
  3. Permission to own land
  4. Permission to bring in a foreigner to work in investment promoted activities
  5. Facilitation of visa and work permit for a foreigner

Roles of MVP as a representative and consultancy in relation to the application of project

If you are interested in starting this business, MVP team who is experienced in this matter is ready to provide you with full service as follows:

  1. Act as a representative and consultant in relation to the project drafting and the presentation to the Board of Investment for project approval;
  2. Tax planning in accordance with the investment policy prescribed by the Board of Investment for the best interest of an investor;
  3. Consultancy in relation to the application of incentives such as the exemption of machinery and raw material duties;
  4. Consultancy in relation to the project operation within three years as well as the renewal of all incentives.

Government agency involved

Board of Investment

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