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About MVP Interlaw and Associates
Our law firm is comprised of ten Thailand lawyers and is managed by a licensed International lawyer. Established in 2000, we have been providing quality and personable legal services to a mostly foreign clientele in Bangkok, Thailand for over six years.
Tony Boon, our manager, has been working as a law firm consultant and law firm manager in Thailand since 2000. His areas of specialization include land law, intellectual property law and International immigration law. We are certified in intellectual property law and also specialized in family and divorce law.

Lawyer Mr.Wathanin Boonkiratichote-Chareonis Senior  International Business Lawyer Consultant a trial lawyer specializing in civil and criminal litigation. He has over thirty years of experience.

All our lawyers are fluent in both English, International languages, Thai and are educated in Thailand law as it applies to non-Thais and also International Law Worldwide.
Website Objective

The purpose of this website is to highlight some of the types of cases that we perform regularly and to provide basic legal information that may be helpful to the public. In our FAQ sections you can find answers to many of the most common legal questions that foreigners have on aspects of the Thailand law ranging from land purchase to marriage. If you are looking for more extensive legal information such as English language translation of Thailand laws, please check our schedules to contact and make appointment with us.

Firm Philosophy

Our Objectives are to provide an international standard of legal services in a friendly and modern atmosphere. We seek to have long-term relationships with our clients by providing economical and practical solutions to their legal problems in Thailand. Law is our only profession, and we employ only licensed attorneys.

Areas of Specialization

We have assembled a team of lawyers with diverse educational backgrounds and varying areas of expertise in order to represent our clients in a wide range of cases. The areas of specialization of our team of ten lawyers include Family law, Land and Real Estate Acquisitions, US Immigration law, International Prenuptial Agreements and Divorce, International Litigation (including fraud, torts and business disputes), Company law, Criminal law and Investigations.